Anna Goldschmidt Edinger to Jane Addams, January 22, 1921


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Transcription Difficulty

FRANKFURT 22. January 1921
Leerbachstrasse 27

Dear Miss Addams!

I hope you are doing well, I haven’t heard from you for so long. Miss Dr. Hamilton sent me one particularly lovely ↓picture↑ for Christmas, but I was so disappointed to find nothing written in the enclosed letter, that I have [not] thanked her for it. Tell her that my children have framed it and are still enjoying it.

The Reich Immigration Office has sent me a list of emigrating women with the request to notify organizations from the concerned countries so that they could possibly take care of the women; 4 of them are in Chicago. I will comply with the instructions and tell you the names etc., however I do [not] [know] if the women will find enough guidance there. Perhaps one of your employees will drop by one or the other of your offices anyway or the settlement will [invite] you to some event. I do not want to cause you any [unnecessary] trouble over there; you can already see from the ↓[information?]↑ zeigenam what the conditions are.

We all had the flu and still feel it. Otherwise, one gets through it; life has not become easier.

With kind regards, with great respect


Anna Edinger [signed]

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