Jane Addams to Adena Miller Rich, August 14, 1920


My dear Mrs Rich:

I am very grateful for your long letter of the tenth, and telegraphed later about the fifth group. There is no doubt that part of the huge expenditure for July was the wages of Pat and Chris who helped on the Boy’s Camp buildings and if necessary that part of it can be paid later out of the French bequest which we hope will defray the expense of the new buildings.

All you say of Miss Powell sounds very attractive but Miss Longon thought that she could manage the clubs if Miss Jennison could help her on the typewriting end. I should [like] very much not to pay another salary this year at least give Miss Longon a chance to see if she could swing it. I suspect that we will have very few vacancies next fall on the womens side. Doris Berger has been promised the first vacancy. Clara Landsberg hopes to sail on Sept [11th] to work with the Quakers in Vienna, and if Alice Hamilton isn’t back until Spring that would mean one room.

Mary Smith is improving but her Doctor here is not enthusiastic for Long’s Peak and so once more we have changed our plans. The address [after] Aug 25th will be Stanley Hotel, Estes Park Colo.

Mary sends her love to and to H-H as does yours devotedly

Jane Addams [signed]

Aug 14 1920