Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, October 6, 1908




NEW YORK, October 6, 1908.

Dear Miss Addams,

I will be on the look-out for a good place near Carnegie. I hardly think that the club house has a sufficient number of permanent residents to make it entirely agreeable to a girl living alone. In our house on 79th Street which is not very far from Carnegie, there is a small hall-room that has unexpectedly become vacant. It is near the bath room which would be shared by only two or three others. The room is attractive and comfortable but small, and as usual in hall rooms in New York it has no fire, but the hall is heated and I believe no one has ever been inconvenienced by this. If you think that your niece would like to have the room will you please telegraph me so that I will see that it is held for her. Miss Anderson would probably expect her to pay a trifle more than the other residents whose duties permit them to give definite time to work of the Settlement. Your niece I suppose would find it impossible to be useful except in a general way now and then, and the price of board for her would probably be $8.00 a week or $8.50. The household she would find congenial as there are nice young people and some old enough to be suitable escorts to the [theater] and I presume that among them she could always find someone willing to accompany her when necessary. The food is excellent and unless she would dislike the small size of the room, I think your niece would be more comfortable there than in any other place she would be likely to find. 

I saw Alice Hamilton a couple of times in Washington and was sorry not to be with her more.

Very affectionately,

Lillian D. Wald [signed]

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