Diana Agabeg Apcar to Jane Addams, July 23, 1920

219 B Bluff Yokohama
July 23rd 1920
Miss Jane Addams
Hull House -- Chicago

Dear Madam

You are the President of the Women's International League and I am therefore appealing to your League.

There are no women and children of the nations who have suffered so hideously in the past as Armenian women and children, and their sufferings do not end, because since the signing of the Armistice England and France and Italy have been as merciless and as cruel, as ever Germany and Soviet Russia and Austria were.

I am not alluding to the terms made with Germany for I am not interested in what concerns Germany; but I mean the wickedness and sinister policies of the "Allies" in the Near East since the signing of the Armistice. They were wicked enough in the past but they have not changed.

England in the north of Armenia and France in the south of Armenia have made hell for the [page 2] Armenians for one year and eight months. Turks and Tatars would have been completely overcome, for our soldiers have proved themselves to be extraordinary fighters, but alas! and alas! during one year and eight months British and French military authorities have persistently snatched the fruits of their victories from their grasp and turned them to dust and ashes; and the consequence is that our men shed their blood whilst our women and children perish.

It is for these women and children that I appeal to the Women's International League

Yours respectfully

Diana Agabeg Apcar.

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