Jenkin Lloyd Jones to Jane Addams, August 14, 1908



Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams;-

A line from Miss Lathrop follows me all the way out here. She is distressed over this Shippy and anarchistic matter. I wonder if it is not an occasion which would justify a word from you. Say it editorially in Unity, and we will print it, either with or without your signature and then we could give you some slips of the same, which, perhaps, might save you some talking and more writing. I am writing the same suggestion to Miss Lathrop.

I am not much distressed over the hysterics manifested by the police. The poor, unfortunate victim of Russian cruelty is a sad warning and the [gruesome] result of evil sowing, but what we need to do is not to Russianize our Police system, but to Americanize our emigrants, to which work Hull House is making such splendid contributions.

Very cordially, yours on the wing,

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