Alvey Augustus Adee to Jane Addams, April 27, 1920


In reply refer to R 861:00/6748

April 27, 1920.

Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Illinois.


The Department begs to acknowledge the receipt of your telegram dated April 13, 1920, with reference to the arrest of Mr. John Reed.

The Department has received information that Mr. Reed is detained in prison at Abo, Finland, by the Finnish authorities on a charge of smuggling.

Owing to the fact that Mr. Reed is held for alleged violation of the laws of a friendly country, the United States Government cannot intervene in his case beyond taking steps to assure that Mr. Reed receives a fair and impartial trial. This the Department has done by instructing the American Legation at Helsingfors to follow and report upon his case.

I am, Madam,

Your obedient servant,

For the Secretary of State:
Alvey A. Adee [signed]
Second Assistant Secretary.