Wilbur Kelsey Thomas to Jane Addams, August 2, 1920


August 2, 1920.

Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 [Halsted] Street,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Friend:

Some time ago you sent us a contribution of $2,000 with which to purchase cod liver oil for the city of Frankfurt-am-Main. We hereby enclose receipts, with an extract from a letter from our Berlin office, regarding this gift:

"We originally sent 16 barrels of Cod Liver Oil to Frankfurt a/Main, to cover Miss Jane Addams's request, but in view of the uncertainty as to the value of the oil, we have recently shipped an additional 2 barrels so as to make sure that they receive $2,000 worth. The first 16 barrels were distributed through the Gesamt-Hilfsausschuss fuer die Opfer des Krieges, and I enclose the Centralausschuss form of receipt No. 53821 covering these. The last two have been [turned] over to the English Friends and I enclose our receipt on form 4 No. 1301 covering these 2 barrels and sundry other articles which are being distributed through English Friends in Frankfurt. If necessary, it is possible that we shall later be able to obtain a receipt from German agencies receiving the oil."

If you do not need the receipt #1301, covering the two barrels of cod liver oil, may we kindly ask you to return it to us, so that we may use it as a receipt for the bales of clothing and food, mentioned on the same receipt with the oil?

Thanking you for your hearty [cooperation] in this relief work, we are

Sincerely yours,

American Friends Service Committee
Acting Executive Secretary,
for Wilbur K. Thomas.

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