Whittier Burnet to Jane Addams, February 9, 1920

Columbus, Ohio
Feb. 9, 1920.
Miss Jane Addams
Hull House, Chicago

Dear Friend: I was in the audience when you spoke some weeks ago in the chapel of the Ohio State University; subsequently, I was called upon to address some school children in Cincinnati, Ohio, and casting about on the spur of the moment, I could think of nothing more worthy of their attention and more wholesome than you and the things you had said and done. My extemporaneous speech I later put to rhyme and published in the Columbus Dispatch, Sunday, Feb. 8. It represents my sincere opinion; for I have no favor to ask except that you must live long to inspire a world so much in need of your influence. Sincerely,

Whittier Burnet
378 N. 4th [Avenue]

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