Wilbur Kelsey Thomas to Jane Addams, November 28, 1919


November 28, 1919.

Jane Addams,
800 S. Halstead Street,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear friend:

Enclosed is copy of the cablegram which I forwarded at your suggestion. I hope this will meet the situation.

if you will send me the name of the President of the Central Relief Committee in Cleveland, I will very gladly get in touch with him. I hope they can cooperate with us.

I spoke to Mr. Hoover last Tuesday about the money that was being turned into other channels in this country and he said that we ought to insist that all money contributed for German Relief be turned into out Committee. He says that is the only way to keep clear of any possible criticism of accusation of being pro-German. Personally I feel that it would be better for you to insist that their money be given this way as then you have the backing of Mr. Hoover in all the work that you do. He has asked us to take charge of this work and therefore is willing to back it up. He does not, however, stand sponsor for any other collectors.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Executive Secretary.

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