Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, August 28, 1919


August 28th, 1919

My dear Mr. Kellogg:

I have made one or two corrections in the proof which make it more conservative, but I am afraid that is quite necessary just now. I gave an interview to a Daily News man who rather stupidly mixed up what I said about the feeling at the Woman's Peace Conference with what I said about Germany. This has resulted in an outbreak of abusive letters which I do not mind so much for myself as that it shows ↑how easy↓ it is to misunderstand public temper. Perhaps I can later do some of the things you suggest, but I should prefer this to go in as a mere statement of what we found. We took it from our report to the Quakers which seems to me a good deal better than the Survey article. I am sending you a copy of it as you may care to quote something later. I can see no possible objection to that. I hope to come to New York the first or second week in September and perhaps [page 2] can see Mr. Lasker and yourself then.

We were much interested in the Housing control of the Arbeiterrath in several cities and we once had our passports vised at a police station flying the red flag. There were many side lights which I should be glad to talk over but which I am not quite ready to write down.

I have marked one or two pages of the Report which were omitted from the Survey article and are perhaps better than anything in it.

Hoping to see you soon, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]