Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, August 26, 1919


26 [8] 19

Dear Miss Addams

I have just heard from Mr Robt Woods that he has received a gift from Mr Galen Stone which enables him to send to each Settlement in America a copy of our Canons Life. I am so very very pleased & so [page 2]  I write to tell you at once, as I know that one of the things you were bearing on your heart was, not only to help Barnett House, but to spread the knowledge of the spirit of my husband via the "dear book" --  So dear friend, that part of your intention can come off your mental tablets, though I & [illegible] Mr Woods will have got your assistance to distribute the vols wisely -- Books residing on shelves are not productive. If you write or speak on the matter at Conferences [etc etc] will you ask everyone to read the Plan before they ↑even↓ dip into [written at the top of page 1] the book.

I am longing to hear what you think of it, if & when you have read it.

Dictate it please. Do not [tire] your valuable self.

Yours ever fondly

Henrietta O Barnett

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