Wilbur Kelsey Thomas to Jane Addams, August 27, 1919


August 27, 1919

Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Friend:

On behalf of the American Friends Service Committee I want to thank you for your very full report in regard to your investigations in Germany. It is a great help to us to have this first-hand information. We do appreciate your [cooperation] with us in this work and we are glad to have your view-point.

The next regular meeting of our Service Committee will be held on September 25th in Philadelphia at three P.M. I am giving you this date ahead of time with the hope that you can come on at that time and meet with the whole Committee. We are expecting to have meetings of our sub-committees before then and if we can arrange for a meeting for you, it may be desirable for you to come on previous to that meeting. I merely mention these things in order that you can keep it in mind.

I would like to ask you also in regard to your report -- have you any objections to it being made public? We would like to use it in making our appeal for funds for German relief. The only suggestion of a change that I have to make is that some mention be made of the American Friends Service Committee in the report as this Committee represents all of the work on the Friends in America and is on an equal footing with the War Victims Committee of London. They have already done more work than we in Germany, but very soon the balance will be on our side.

With sincere thanks for your help and [cooperation],

Yours sincerely,

American Friends Service Committee
Executive Secretary