Mary Thorn Lewis Gannett to Jane Addams, January 25, 1907

Jan. 25th 1907


Dear Miss Addams,

Your signature & your thought of me adds much to the value of the long looked for book—I meant to give that for half my Christmas gifts last year & have been waiting for it ever since-- The Sanity [page 2] of your judgements is always a strength to me & helps me to strive towards my own highest vision--

I hope to see you all in February, when I come out to the N. W. S. A. convention -- to speak of the memorial to Susan Anthony-- Dear Mary Anthony is very frail-- We've been much interested in the reports in Charities of your new Boy's Club [page 3] Building-- We are very happy in the [power] & opportunity for service that [have] come with the life of our boy Joe Riddle-- It's a joy to think of him & that bright, capable little woman serving together [rejoicingly]--

Affectionately yours
Mary T. L. Gannett