Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, April 24, 1919


April 24" 1919



We had such a nice time with Mrs Herrick the other evening when she came here to dine with us. She was looking very well and very fit and is really "liking to work" as she puts it -- she says that she will never again be without a steady paying job whatever happens. She is full of funny stories about her "stand" in the officers hotel but is devoted to it. I haven't seen her room because she was out the other day when we called, but she is coming here tomorrow evening to meet some [page 2] people who are full of stories about the Peace Conference. We see Sister Wald daily and she is planning to move into the next room when Mrs Kelley and Miss Balch leave for Switzerland next Saturday. We go with her and some Red [Cross] people to Lille & the devastated regions there about on Saturday & Sunday and I have promised to go up to the [illegible surname] place next week. The latter seem to be quite popular and have been most kind to us.

Mde Duchene gave a charming little reception to us the other day and we have seen a good deal of the French group who are just as nice as they can be. I have a real affection for [Madeleine] Rolland. She [page 3] with the others met us at the train and with them was Ethel Sidgwick. We are helping [as] we can to get them passports -- the English women have their French visés at last and are now being held up by the Swiss Consulate. The Congress has been postponed to the 12th of May which disconcerts Mrs Kelley very much. She has engaged her passage back for May 19th, while Miss Balch and I have taken ours on the Noordam sailing from Plymouth June 23d that will give us two weeks in England probably.

Sister Kelley was in fine spirits on the boat but has had a wretched cold since she has been here and seems quite ill. She and Miss Balch leave for Switzerland on Saturday.

I had a very good call with Col House yesterday who was as kind as possible. We are seeing all the Americans quite easily, had lunch yesterday with Wm Allen White & others including Nansen arranged by Mrs Rublee! I am quite frantic for a letter from you and am always devotedly yours Jane Addams

Love to Eleanor & H.H.