Edward William Bok to Jane Addams, March 17, 1906

March 17-1906

Dear Miss Addams:

Pray let me say what constant absences from my desk has prevented me from saying before how much we have enjoyed the two last installments of your Hull House [story]. This closing installment seems to me to be particularly good, and from what we are hearing from the installment in the current issue there is no doubt I think of the success of the articles. I believe the good that these articles will accomplish is destined to be far-reaching,-- and I am glad and proud of the fact that the material has reached the public through our magazine.

Do you wish to ellaborate these articles into a book, say during the [page 2] coming summer? If so, I shall be very glad indeed to have some good publishing house make a proposition to you. Or, perhaps, this has already been done.  At all events, pray command me if I can be of service to you, since our relations with the New York houses are very close, and I can very easily arrange the matter for you.

With appreciation of your work, believe me,

Very cordially yours,

Edward Bok

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