Anna B. Floyd to Jane Addams, March 1, 1906

#75 East Second Street
Frederick Maryland
March 1, 1906.

Miss Jane Addams

My dear Miss Addams,

Seeing your paper in a recent issue of the Ladies Home Journal suggested the idea that you might give me some information I am most anxious to obtain to use in our Mission Study class.

The course this Lent is [page 2] domestic missions and material for the topics chosen under that general head has in several cases very hard to find.

It does not coincide with the plan laid out by the educational secretary as we found it would make it more generally interesting to our class to change it. One lesson will be on "Settlement Work in the Great Cities" and I have been assigned Chicago. Can you tell me of pamphlets or leaflets that [page 3] would give us a good idea of what the work in that city is?

I would like to know just the objects of the work, something of the classes of people among whom it is done, of the methods employed to reach and hold them, and the results obtained. Also something of the extent of the work done in Chicago and as much as possible of the individuals engaged in it. This sounds like a great deal but I feel we cannot at a ↑[Sunday]↓ class have any clear knowledge of our subject in any other way.

Any help you can give me yourself or to which you can direct me will be most warmly appreciated and very gratefully received.  The date set for this lesson is about two weeks off.

Very truly yours

Anna B. Floyd.

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