Jane Addams to Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs, April 18, 1916


April 18, 1916

My dear Dr. Jacobs: --

I cabled you two days ago that Miss Balch sailed on April 8th for Stockholm, and would communicate with you in regard to the committee meeting. I cannot possibly come at present as the progress of the tuberculosis of the kidneys has not been arrested and my doctor insists upon a longer treatment. The diabetic condition makes it more serious and I dare do nothing now but keep quiet although I am going to break out whenever the congress is called at the end of the war, and shall come then with or without permission.

If, in the judgment of yourself and the various national presidents, the committee meeting ought to be given up, could it not be held with Miss Balch representing the American committee? A letter signed by Miss Daugaard and other members of the committee, urges Copenhagen as the place for the next meeting. It seems to me that the place ought to be determined on the basis of the largest attendance, and if Copenhagen is more accessible than Amsterdam then that ought to be the determining factor. Your statement, however, that so few of the women could get [page 2] passports has cheered me to believe that the matter has been postponed not wholly on my account, and that on the whole we may be able to get on without a committee meeting until we come together at the "end of the war congress".

The impression we have of the Stockholm conference is that it is settling down into a useful body and may be of genuine service as an unofficial conference. Miss Balch is going as my alternate but will of course always be most valuable for herself.

With affectionate greetings to both you and Miss Manus, I am

Always faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Dr. Aletta Jacobs