Julia Clifford Lathrop to Jane Addams, November 17, 1917


November 17, 1917.


[Enclosed] is a copy of a letter which I have sent to [Mrs.] Bowen. I can not imagine that either you or Mrs. [Bowen] will feel that you ought to come down for this [little] conference which was undertaken because the New York people thought it should be held, and it [seemed] better to do it in this way.

[I] understand that the J.P.A. has some cases of girls in [trouble] because of the Great Lake Station, and if Miss [Binford] can come down it will be helpful. You, I [judge], do not expect to be down again until you come [to] the Philadelphia meetings at the holidays, but if [I] am mistaken, and if you or Mrs. Bowen could by any chance be here about the seventh it would, of course, [be] a great support. I am very anxious to have the [importance] of the subject neither magnified nor minimized by the Bureau at this time, as you may believe.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Ill.