Rollin Lynde Hartt to Jane Addams, April 27, 1901

Boston Evening Transcript

April 27, 1901.

Dear Madam:-

Has it ever occurred to you that through the Transcript you would be able to reach a large and wealthy constituency which is already keenly interested in social problems, and which is lavishly benevolent? When you have something to say by way of agitation or by way of appeal to the "power-holding class," I should be very happy to have you write for the Transcript. I think we can readily agree on a just rate of remuneration.

Of course I am personally very eager to receive some contributions from you about as early as you can manage to prepare them; but, in case you find yourself too closely engaged in other work, won't you please remember us and appreciate our hospitality toward your work. I should be much obliged to you if you would write me an early reply, giving me some suggestions as to what I might expect from you.


Very truly yours,


Rollin Lynde Hartt [signed]


Miss Jane Addams,

Chicago, Ill.

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