Anonymous ("Every Day Woman") to Jane Addams, May 15, 1917


Tuesday May 15. 1917.

My dear Miss Jane [Addams]

We appeal to you because of the honest, thorough efficient work that you have done and because you are a celebrity and well known throughout the World. We also know you will give your entire attention to any worthy cause to uplift humanity.

My prayer is to interest you in trying to save and conserve the lives of our young men of the United States and to protect our young women from [Polygamy] which surely is threatening our future.

Germany will establish [Polygamy] after the War. England has lost thousand upon thousands of her young men and will surely follow Germany's example.

Is it not time for the Women of the U.S. [illegible words] together as their God [illegible words] [keep] our young men for the good of the United States and keep [Polygamy] out.

I know they will say this is Pacifist talk but could not the Suffragettes socialists and Pacifists start a campaign before our young men are sent abroad for Cannon fodder. We can feed England as an Ally. But -- far better for our women to starve than face [Polygamy]. [page 2] We can also save our money and give <our> all to England if we must, before introducing the evil.

England can draw on the millions of men in India if she must. Japan being far sighted has held on to her men.

Why should America or the United States Bleed to death. It now seems there is no end to the War in sight and no separate Peace move.

I am a loyal citizen. and for My mother and father are Americans so naturally my <having> been born in the U.S as they were, gives me the right to say I am thinking of the future of my country and of Christianity.

What will become of our religion if [Polygamy] creeps in?

Won't you with your great influence start [illegible words] are sent abroad.

It will take courage to do such a thing but and will start talk, but think of the great good you will do for the future young women. They will Bless your name as all Christian women will bless you, if you save the future fathers for American girls and keep [Polygamy] out of our clean country.

Just a plain every day

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