Jane Addams to Newton Diehl Baker Jr., April 27, 1917


Chicago, Ill. April 27 1917.

Secretary of War, Hon. Newton D. Baker,
War Dept., Washington, D.C.

I am informed that amendments providing for conscientious objectors are likely to be defeated, remembering our committee conference I am sure you have been too overwhelmed with work to give matter your consideration. May I urge you to give it your attention promptly and if possible to get Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Kahn to include amendments for conscientious objectors in their bills. These amendments were offered by La Follette and Keating, it would be most unfortunate to repeat here English experience with conscientious objectors and many of us hope you will be willing to act promptly in this very important matter.

Jane Addams.

6 46 PM