Jane Addams to Roger Nash Baldwin, May 5, 1917


May 5th, 1917.

My dear Mr. Baldwin: --

I promptly sent a long telegram to Mr. Baker, but the reply I received was far from satisfactory. It was as follows:

"Your telegram of the 27th reached me. I think it is unlikely that we can secure a legislative exemption for conscientious objectors. I will, however, see that your view is presented to the Conference Committee.
In the meantime I hope that the administration of whatever law is passed will make it possible for us to avoid the unhappy difficulties which occurred in England and which you mention".

I am sorry that we have failed absolutely, but perhaps something will happen.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mr. Roger Baldwin,
Associate Director,
The American Union Against Militarism,
Room 648 Munsey Building,
Washington, D.C.