Emma Goldman to Jane Addams, April 7, 1901


Philadelphia April 7th

Mrs Jane [Addams] --
Hull House.

My dear Mrs [Addams]

Through the kindness of Mr Ely I learned, that our dear great Comrade, Peter Kropotkin is to stop in your house, and that you have the management of his meetings in hand. From all I have heard of you, since I did last meet you for a few moments at the Trades Unionist Congress of 97 if you remember, I know that our Friend is in good care. Mr Ely has been very very kind to him and also to me helping me in every way possible to make those meetings, I arranged a success, he also furnished me with a few cards to those lectures, he arranged for Peter Kropotkin. May I ask you if you could be kind enough to secure a few cards for the bearer of this note ↑Mr H Havel↓ (a great friend [page 2] of mine) to the meetings you arranged  for Peter Kropotkin, as the prices will undoubtedly be too high for any of the Chicago Comrades of PK to attend the meetings. You will oblige me greatly, I am sure. If time will permit you, perhaps it will not be asking you too much, to write me, if our beloved coworker has reached Chicago safely and if he has been well received at the meetings, although I am certain, that all who hear and learn to know him, must appreciate him.


Emma Goldman

I remain at this address 1333 Boston Ave. Philadelphia Pa until April 15th.

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