Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, December 28, 1916


December 28, 1916.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams: --

We are publishing Mr. Russell's letter in full in this week's issue. The trip to Washington, so far as an interview with the president goes, was a fizzle, but it accomplished its purpose which was to give public recognition to the importance of his letter and his testimony. Mr. Tumulty we did see and he expressed his appreciation in a natural and fairly eager way, which I think was sincere. It came at a time when every bit of evidence as to the underlying strata of English opinion was of value.

I have urged Miss Balch to get up as quickly as possible a little volume of testimony bearing on the existence of civil opinion throughout Europe; the interviews, letters, quotations, etc. from various English, French, German and Russian sources showing protestant groups of opinion. It strikes me that just like the Brandeis-Goldmark briefs such a budget of testimony would carry conviction more than any individual letters, resolutions or mass meetings here.

With every best wish for the new year,