Martha Sawyer Gielow to Jane Addams, October 21, 1916


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Oct 21, 1916.

My dear Miss Addams:

I have just seen in a N.Y. paper that you have come out for Mr. Wilson. I also [hear?] you are ill & unable to do anything but vote for him. I can not resist the impulse to clasp hands with you across the distance. I too, am for Wilson, I too, am ill; but moral support in such a woman as yourself counts for much. I heard you speak at the [page 2] first "Peace" conference in N.Y. years ago -- & I have visited Hull-House, & have read your books. It is a grief to know that your valuable activities are now interrupted by illness, & I hope & pray you will soon be restored in body & mind. Inspired workers are few, & they are needed now more than ever before. My own collapse under the strain of anxiety & work to which I had dedicated my life, has broken my heart. Life is of little worth when one can not be of service. I am trying to get well under the care of my daughter who is the wife of [page 3] a Lieut in the Navy, but I resent being a pensioner on my precious child, who really does not need me, when there is so much to be done for the preparedness in citizenship of our long neglected children of the mountains! I am not even allowed to write, as my strength & nerves are so shattered, but I dip my pen in my heart, whenever I get a chance. I wrote the enclosed lines last Jan. I believe in preparedness only for maintaining peace -- A "Court of Peace of Nations." I believe the little poem could do good work, being brief, & comprehensive if it could be distributed. I would like to sell the copyright, <& plate,> & several thousand [page 4] copies which I had printed? I have been too ill to try & place them, I can not afford to give them. I did give several hundred to the Allied bazaars. I am wondering if you would not like to buy the plate & printed copies, & give to your charities to distribute? I would be so so pleased. It will help the Cause of peace & help President Wilson to bring about an official "court of peace" -- if he is reelected, which I hope he will be. With my warm admiration & tender regards, (whether you care for the poem or not) & with my prayerful wishes for your complete recovery, I am,

Sincerely Yours. Martha S. Gielow.