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In a newspaper interview, Addams offers her reasons for supporting the Progressive Party and Theodore Roosevelt.

Newspaper report and cartoon of Addams seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt at the Progressive Party Convention.
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Partial galley proof of Addams's McClure's article about her experiences at the Progressive Party Convention, discussing how items were added to its platform, particularly labor and military planks, and her dismay about the conventions…

Addams invites Thomas to Hull-House during her visit to Chicago and discusses the expansion of woman suffrage.

Roosevelt praises Addams's work for the Progressive Party campaign, noting that they fought a good fight, yet went down in disaster.

Addams thanks Roosevelt for the tremendous impetus his run has given social reform and hopes to see him in New York.

Kent announces that he won his Congressional election, and feels optimistic about making some Progressive changes.
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Addams reports that when Lindsey was not nominated for re-election by either party, the women of Denver elected him as an independent.
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Coit congratulates Addams on New Conscience and Ancient Eviland reflects on the book's subject matter.

Robins sends Kellor an report of Chicago lectures for the Progressive Party campaign.

Beveridge confirms speaking dates for Addams and sends her an update on the Progressive campaign in Indiana.
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Colorado political activists ask Addams to urge the placement of Helen Wixon on the Progressive Party ticket for superintendent of schools in that state.

McCormick asks Addams to intervene on his behalf in opposition to a third ticket in the upcoming election.

McCormick asks Addams to intervene on his behalf in opposition to a third ticket in the upcoming election.

Lindsey writes Addams about the victory of an independent candidate in the Colorado election.