In Memory of Alzina Parsons Stevens, February 1901

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In memory of Alzina Parsons Stevens
President Hull-House Womens Club 1898-1900
Died at Hull-House June 1900

"Who doomed to go in company with Pain
Turns his necessity to glorious gain."

A leader among women, a champion of working children, a friend of wayward boys,
(She organized ↑Organizer of↓ the first woman's union in Chicago 1867. She became The first deputy factory inspector of Illinois in 1893. She was The first probation officer of the Cook Co Juvenile Court ↑of Cook Co↓ in 1899.)  

[Illegible strikeout] "As more exposed to suffering and distress
Thence ↑Was↓ also more alive to tenderness." [page 2] From the time she entered a mill as a textile worker at the age of ten, she was ↑untiring↓ in her efforts on behalf of working women as editorial writer and organizer. She organized the first union of working women in Chicago in 1867. 

Her championship for working children led to her unceasing efforts to secure factory ↑Child Labor↓ legislation in Illinois and she became a member of the first staff of factory inspectors in 1893.

Her interest in wayward boys led to years of painstaking labor to establish a Juvenile Court in Cook Co of which she was made the first Probation officer in 1899 & to secure the laws for [parrolee?] school.

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