Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Jane Addams, September 7, 1916


My dear Miss Addams:

A short time ago we received the pamphlet from the Nederlandsche Anti-Oorlog-Raad, containing a series of questions and answers issued by them. This is the only thing which seems to answer the [questionnaire] referred to in the letter from Sweden. I do not believe this is really the one referred to, for this comes from the Anti-Oorlog Raad, and that one comes from the Central Organization for a Durable Peace, but at any rate I am sending this pamphlet containing the [questionnaire] and answers and in case we are able to locate the other [questionnaire], of which I have no record in the office, I will send it at once to Mrs. Mead.

I have just received the postal from Germany, forwarded by you, and will send the literature at once to Miss Schützinger. I [notice] that she is librarian at Berlin and I am rather interested in this. I did not know that there were many women librarians in Germany. Perhaps this is another field in which women have been advancing since the war.

In connection with this I would like to mention that a note this morning from Mr. Andrews, Librarian of the Crerar Library, who had just purchased a copy of the International Report, states that he was particularly interested in the full page portrait of Dr. Jacobs. He says that the Crerar Library possesses a collection made by her and her husband, the late Mr. Gerritsen, and that he knows Dr. Jacobs well.

Miss Large has just returned to Hull-House and gives enthusiastic accounts of her visit with you in your lovely home.

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss Jane Addams,
Bar Harbor, Maine.