Stephen Samuel Wise to Jane Addams, September 3, 1912


Sept. 3, 1912

Jane Addams, M. D.,
Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear Miss Addams:

Thank you so much for your letter. I can understand that your arrangements must wait because of the illness of <the> friend. At the same time, I shall venture to say in the yearly bulletin that you may possibly come to us in the course of the winter, and I trust you will be good enough to let me know at the earliest possible moment when your plans will bring you to New York.

You will, I know, be glad to hear that President Taft has written to several of us, including Professor Lindsay and myself, asking us to lunch with him at Beverly and discuss the personnel of the Commission. Personally, I am diffident about going and shall probably decline the invitation because I find it impossible to support him at the election, and therefore conceive that a meeting at this time might be somewhat embarrassing. Professor Lindsay, Dr. Devine and the rest of us are to meet Saturday morning in order to consider carefully the matter of recommendations to the President and Secretary Nagel. Have you thought of any men or women who you believe should be considered in connection with the Commission? How I wish that you might be willing to serve! I mean to recommend that we ask for the appointment either of Adolph Lewisohn or Julius Rosenwald as <one of the> representatives of the employing class. Either [page 2] man would, I take it for granted, be acceptable to the President, for both are among his friends and supporters.

If you have given the question of the personnel of the Commission any thought, might I trouble you to write to Dr. Devine, Professor Lindsay or to me so that your word might be presented to the meeting of the committee on Saturday morning.

Mrs. Wise joins me in hearty greetings.

Sincerely yours

Stephen S. Wise [signed]