Sarah Boardman Clapp Goodrich to Jane Addams, August 4, 1916


World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union

<Address> PEKING, <Pei Tai Ho, Aug 4> 1916.

Miss Jane Addams.
Hull House, Chicago --

My dear Miss Addams,

A letter from Miss Porter of San Diego, Cal. not long ago said that you might make a trip to China. It gave my heart a great leap. How glad I should be to make you comfortable in my home in Peking -- you and your friend. Would it not be beautiful if Julia Lathrop would come too. Peking is such a wonderful city, so full of interest, & doubly interesting in these days of evolution. I am sure you would enjoy being in Peking long enough to get something of the life of the people -- <learning> of the forces [page 2] of conservatism & of progress which are at work. The sights too are full of interest. We live in an old Ducal Palace -- renting it from the Duke who is penniless save for this property. My husband is engaged in revising the Mandarin Bible with a group of Chinese & western scholars & I am trying to fight <the> evils new & old which are injuring China -- doing constructive work for the women & children -- doing it feebly, not in a magnificent way as you would with the rare gift of enthusing others to work, but trying to do my best. I know you would love my husband -- not for his great insight into world problems but because he has gotten out of life some of its sweetest & best gifts. I think I know fairly well how to make people comfortable. How honored I should be to have you visit me & I believe you would have a message for China to which some would listen. May I write Lovingly,

Sarah Clapp Goodrich --