Jane Addams to Ellery Sedgwick, July 7, 1916


July 7, 1916

Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear Mr. [Sedgwick],

I am much [embarrassed] in regard to my article, "The Devil Baby at Hull-House". I assumed without any justification whatever that it would appear in "The Atlantic Monthly" before November first. I lightheartedly incorporated the material in a book "The Long Road of Woman's Memory" which The Macmillan Company brings out in the fall. The [page 2] publishers say October but I am quite sure I can hold them off until after the appearance of the November number of "The Atlantic Monthly". I have stated the dilemma. May I ask you for a suggestion as to the way out?

I shall be at Bar Harbor for the summer which will enable me to return the proof promptly but I [page 3] can readily understand that you may not be able to use the article within the next three months.

Is there such a thing as exchanging checks and manuscripts under these painful conditions?

Faithfully yours, 

Jane Addams [signed]

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