Laura Margaret Snow LeGette to Jane Addams, January 23, 1916

Centenary [SC]
Jan 23 -- [1916]
Miss Jane [Addams]
Hull House
Chicago Ill.

Dear Miss [Addams]

I have a plan for celebrating the second anniversary of Peace which I would like to lay before you and Mr. Henry Ford. As you are the most prominent Advocate of the peace mission I know of, or guess there is. I think if a [page 2] "Woodrow Wilson Dove of Peace" could be made a "fad," Let every ladies hat be adorned with one, Let them be on church altars, adorn caskets and new made graves, Let scarf pins be "Doves of Peace" belt and stiffer buckles. In fact let little girls carry "Doves of Peace" instead of dolls or Teddy bears. Surely such a fad would be very beneficial and symbolical and should bring a fortune to the ones who made them. They could be made of satin [page 3] velvet plush or jute or natural birds would of course be handsome. This ought to help the pigeon industry if natural birds were used. Now I live in the country in obscurity with an invalid husband and my children and have no opportunity to advance an idea of This kind, besides I have no influence. Now all this is yours and what I am asking of you is that you will interest yourself in this matter for me. I want no honor for it. All I want is a royalty on what is made [page 4] from it. The idea is original with me and I need money and if the woman who made a "Teddy Bear" became wealthy why shouldn't my "Dove of Peace" help me? Hoping I have not wearied you and that you will kindly consider my plan. I shall wait anxiously and hopefully for your reply. You are to have the honor of the plan. I want only a part of the money, say one tenth.

Very Respectfully

Mrs. L. M. Le Gette