Mabel L. Hyers to Elizabeth Glendower Evans, December 4, 1915


My dear Mrs. Evans:

I wish to acknowledge both your letters to Mrs. Thomas and to myself, which were received this morning. I feel quite certain that it is Miss Addams' final decision that your generous gift be sent direct to this office inasmuch as Mr. Ford made a very liberal contribution to the Amsterdam office.

I talked with Miss Addams yesterday over the telephone. She is very cheerful, as always, and unwilling to speak of herself although she told me that she was entirely out of pain and awaiting the decision of the physicians as to whether they would find it necessary to operate. She is hoping to meet the Ford party later at The Hague. She is indeed a Saint.

Sincerely yours,

Acting Executive Secretary.

Mrs. Elizabeth Glendower Evans,
12 Otis Place,
Boston, Massachusetts.