Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, July 15, 1915


July 15, 1915.

Dear Miss Addams:

Your last telegram reached us this noon. I am glad to let you know that none of the copies going out will carry the phrase "concrete trenches". In its final form I feel the passage will measurably help things; and that you need not feel concerned. We forwarded the telegram for Mrs. Benedict which came this afternoon from you.

Mr. Lochner was in at noon and is filled with plans for the Chicago meeting. That, it seems to me will carry public attention and interest by another stage. I think you can count on a much greater bulk of like-mindedness, greater eagerness to respond and to stand out for a program of action than we could have anticipated a month ago.

While Mr. Lochner was here Miss Squire typewrote the notes he had taken down of the possible points to go in a series of resolutions. You are, I understand it, going over these with great care, and they are entirely confidential. I am putting one set in Miss Wald's hands, and am sending you a set in case it may be of service to have a duplicate.

My hope is that you will be able to attend our meeting at the Nurses Settlement on Tuesday afternoon, of that old committee. I urged Mr. Lochner to come east again for it, to see if we cannot make it the occasion for working out concerted action east and west toward securing the conference of neutrals. Have you suggestions of others who should be asked to the meeting? I enclose a list of the signers.

A single proposition like this -- of making a stand toward action -- is something on which I think we can get [cooperation] from all the organizations in the field. Our Tuesday meeting can give you criticism and suggestions as to your resolutions for the Chicago meeting. We could perhaps also discuss what channel would be the best one through which to carry forward concerted action -- the Woman's Peace Party, the National Peace Federation, or a new representative group.


Paul U. Kellogg [signed]