Margaret McKim Maloney to Jane Addams, July 7, 1915



July 7, 1915

My dear Miss Addams,

Thank you so much for your note and for so kindly bringing me the five pounds from Lieu't von Borosini. I was much surprised and interested to receive it. He is one of a number of German officers who arrived in England quite destitute and to whom my husband, who was then attached to Netley [page 2] Hospital, Southampton, lent some money.

I am so sorry that you must be further troubled. I took your check to the American Express Co. this afternoon and they said it could only be signed by you and paid to you. I asked them whether, if you made it payable to me, they would cash it but they said "no". So I am returning it herewith.

Very sincerely yours

Margaret McKim Maloney