Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, May 3, 1902


↑Re admitting clubs with Colored members to the General Federation of Womens Clubs↓

Hotel Westminster

Los Angeles, Cal. May 3d 1902


Your letter from Naples came yesterday and cheered me mightily. It is almost as beautiful here in spots but Oh! so [infested] with women folk. I am having a charming visit with Mrs Wilmarth to whose room I have fled now -- for my hostess is a Southern woman and at times I find the atmosphere a little difficult to breathe. We have had no outbreak and have taken up the general attitude of the Federation to do nothing [page 2] openly but to pull wires.

The journey out was very easy, Mrs Wilmarth, Mrs Ward and I had a state room together and read aloud and invited our souls to no end. It didn't seem long nor get hot or dusty. Sister Kelley is here reporting one new League after another. I opened the ball for her Committee this morning and did it fairly well I think. I met with all the delegates as wise as an owl ↑as to looks,↓ but it all seems terribly remote and save for the color question without any real issue.

I wish you could see Ella Waite and her joy in her flat. She [page 3] moved in the Sunday before I left and her flurry and pleasure were quite touching. The flats are all very nice [although] I imagine we are going to be in a terrible way financially. We will have a meeting of trusted friends as well as trustees early in June. We are going to take the Summer School to Chautauqua for the first two weeks in July -- it is just my luck to be away when you first come home.

Your father and mother presented me with a new bag for my travels. I was very much touched by this mark of affection. I am sure your mother could come to Cal. by the [page 4] Santa Fe route. It doesn't go high up at all and is perfectly easy. I might have almost persuaded her to come and now am sorry that I didn't.

The book notices are all friendly and some of them very nice. I have had a few heartwarming letters, one from Prof Seligman this morning. I feel a little better about it, but it is all I can do yet not to tear out three leaves. Please give my love to Sister Eleanor I am always & forever yours J. A.


Laura is going to take the Coffee House during the summer while Mrs Valerio is abroad. Hansen too has gone abroad for the summer perhaps for good.