Mary Coonley Hollis to Jane Addams, June 19, 1901


My dear Miss Addams

Saturday I had a long talk with Mrs. Keyes, Dorothy Reynolds [aunt]  I find she did not know of Dorothy's wish to go to New York and she does not wish to have her go as she has  a friend there whose influence is not [page 2] good. Mrs. Keyes says Dorothy has not chosen the best companions and she is most anxious to  have her with the right associates. She is really a lovely girl-–but I fear rather easily led either for good or evil. She has this year earned only her board. Mrs. Keyes says they can't keep her at home [page 3] for she is unmanageable. They are very plain people and the girl wants and needs more of life.

Do you know where she could go?--not  [New] York or Brooklyn where she could make the right kind of friends?  Mrs. Keyes does not care about the money part. She is really lovely and charming, affectionate and demonstrative and [crushed] by New England conservatism. Mrs. Keyes says she believes her to be a very good kindergarten teacher. She likes to be assistant as then she has charge of the music.

If you know of an opening I shall be very grateful. I am [page 4] beginning to look on the world as a very confused sort of place! I am here at Mrs. Lloyd's beautiful home with the babies. Wasn't she dear to offer it to us for two weeks? Of course we are having an ideal time.  I shall go home next [page 5] week.

Affectionately yours
Mary Coonley Hollis
Rhode Island.
June 19, 1901

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