Jane Addams to Cyrus Bentley, May 15, 1901

To Mr. Cyrus Bentley,
Sec'y. of The City Homes Association.

My dear Mr. Bentley:

During the last month the work of the Investigating Committee of the Association has largely been carried on through a sub-committee consisting of two members from the Investigating Committee and two from the Publication Committee.

This sub-committee report satisfactory progress upon the publication of the Report; that the page proofs of the entire manuscript have been corrected and returned to the printer as well as all of the tables and photographs, and that it can now be but a matter of a very short time before the Report is placed in the hands of the Executive Committee.

Two meetings of The Investigating Committee have also been held during the month to consider the chapter in the Report upon the health and mortality rates of the districts investigated.

This chapter, for the compiling of which it has been extremely difficult to obtain accurate information, was carefully considered by the committee and efforts made not to involve the Association in general criticisms upon the City Board of Health, at the same time to present as fairly as possible the results of the investigation.

In response to the request of the Executive Committee that each each committee report upon its committee expenditures as well as upon the expenditures from the general funds, The Investigating Committee report that being convinced of the value of Mr. Hunter's [page 2] services for the final editing and proof-correcting of the report, they invited him to return from New Mexico for the performance of this committee service, agreeing to defray all of his expenses, that the amount already expended for his travelling and living expenses is ninety dollars, but that the committee are still indebted to him for his last three weeks expenses.

The Investigating Committee would further report that the sub-committee consisting of one member from its committee and one from the publication committee, to secure a proper preliminary publication of the Report in the newspapers, report satisfactory progress.

Respectfully submitted,

(signed) Jane Addams
Chairman Investigating Committee

May 15th, 1901.

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