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McCune asks Rich for help negotiating between the Chicago Board of Education and the Hebrew Institute.

Levinson tells Addam about the Outlaw War movement and organizing a fundraiser in Chicago for settlements.

Addams sends Kohn a pamphlet that discusses the Community Chest.

Ewing tells Addams of plans for a welcome back greeting in Chicago and updates her on Helen Culver's health.

Addams and Byron invite Blaine to a meeting of the Committee for American Relief for Russian Women and Children.

Stewart tells Addams that the Hull-House Association has been endorsed by the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Creighton provides Addams with details on setting up an Illinois center for the American Relief Committee for German Children.

Schmidt updates Addams on the status of raising relief funds for Germany in Chicago.

Addams advises Thomas on how to improve fundraising for German relief in Chicago.

Addams writes to Hudson about a manuscript, mentioning an acquaintance who started a lodging house for Hungarian girls.

Addams praises Wilmarth's impact on women's organizations, reform, settlements, and progressive politics in Chicago.

Addams congratulates Taylor on raising an endowment for the Chicago Commons.
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Addams discusses the problems that charity workers face when they bring middle-class assumptions about the poor to their efforts to practically help them.

Karsten thanks Cook for the dinners that the Francis W. Parker School sent to Hull-House.

Karsten thanks Cooke for the dinners provided by the Francis W. Parker School.

Cooke asks Addams if she can donate two Thanksgiving dinners to Hull-House for Addams to assign to needy families.

Taylor explains the work of his settlement residents and why his most recent concern is about the day nurseries.

Stewart updates Addams on the recent endorsement of the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Addams tells the story of Bowen's life and contributions to numerous causes.

Tufts asks Addams to solicit funds for the Illinois Committee on Social Legislation from her contacts.

Addams and Bowen suggest a plan for a memorial foundation for Henry B. Favill that would help prevent social diseases.
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Addams tells the story of Bowen's life and contributions to numerous causes.
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Addams describes Bowen's life story and her contributions to numerous causes.