Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Haldeman, July 24, 1914


July 24" 1914

My dear Alice

Your letter written the 21" came this morning so that I think at last we have the facts in the case.

Dr [Abbe] operated on Mrs Bowen yesterday and I had a talk with him afterward. He has [radium] here and will use it if he thinks [radium will help the case]. He was pleased with Dr [Ochsner's] telegram and the type described was "the best possible one to have." [page 2]

I did not say anything about his prices, should I ask him that. Your room is all ready any time that you can come and we will hope to see you and Marcet the first day possible.

Mrs Bowen had a complete obstruction of the bowels and they made the preliminary operation yesterday, putting in a tube on the opposite side. She was fearfully ill for 48 hours and no one knew what the outcome would be. [page 3]

Mary and I slept at the hospital for two nights but all immediate danger is now past. They do know just when they will have the operation to remove the obstruction. Certainly not for several weeks as she must be built up and nourished. There is a fair possibility that she will come to Chicago for [it] but that is rather remote. Of course nothing can be settled yet. All of the children are here but Louise who is expected to arrive today.

We were so uncertain when I telegraphed you, I [page 4] thought that I might come on to Chicago at once.

I am sure you will like Dr [Abbe], he has a charming personality and is a man of wonderful skill. We were so grateful to have him yesterday. Dr [Schmidt] a medical man had the case, but Dr [Abbe] was the surgeon. There was a younger man, Dr Mitchell, called in consultation. There is a beautiful operating room, a laboratory, and a very extensive X ray apparatus room.

Please write often. I am so impatient to have you in this beautiful spot. Love to Marcet. Always your devoted J. A. [page 5]


I am so glad you are at H.H. Do make yourself as comfortable as possible and if it is hot have Frank put an electric fan next to the bed.

Mary sends her love to you both, we are just back from the hospital & I am hurrying to get this to the two o'clock boat.