Albert Jeremiah Beveridge to Jane Addams, December 5, 1912


Indianapolis, Ind.

Dec 5th, 1912

4164 Washington Boulevard

Dear Miss Addams:

Please do not think me ungrateful, that I have not written to you earlier. Since the election I have been kept so occupied that I am far behind with my correspondance.

So, just a word, even at this late date, to thank you heartily for the notable service you rendered to the cause & to [page 2] me personally. Your work in Indiana was effective & helpful and all of us appreciate it.

The Progressives have done much & well. They have founded an enduring party. The future belongs to it.

Since the election I have been in widely separated parts of the country & I find the Progressives everywhere full of spirit & confidence. [page 2] Again thanking you, I am, dear Miss Addams,


Albert J. Beveridge

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