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Addams hopes for Heney's success in his Senate election.

Addams discusses challenges to social and industrial justice and how the Progressive Party program will help address them. Addams gave the speech at a Progressive rally held at the Lyric Theater.

A news account of Addams' criticism of President Wilson on woman suffrage and affirmation of her membership in the Progressive Party.

Addams tells Ickes that his statement was interesting, but she does not agree with his views on the Republican Party.

Produced to appeal to woman voters, this Progressive Party pamphlet includes Jane Addams' nomination speech, a letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Addams, the party plank on equal suffrage, and the party's plans for democratic rule and social and industrial justice.

A short summary of Addams' speech at the Hotel Astor urging women to support the Progressive Party.

Kellor thinks that it would be a good idea for Addams to have a conference with Progressive leaders.

Addams consults Breckinridge about a conference later in the month and articles she is writing for McClure's Magazine.

Addams discusses the Woman's Peace Party's failed efforts to get a hearing from the Republican Party's resolution committee.

Addams discusses plans for the Progressive Party Convention and its Peace Committee.

Addams thanks Ickes for arranging a meeting for her with Progressive leaders and apologizes that she cannot support the Party at present.

Addams will miss the Progressive Party meeting, but sends suggestions (not found).

Wiles congratulates Addams on seconding Theodore Roosevelt and apologizes for not writing her sooner.

Addams sends a telegram to Robins asking the Progressive Party to support A. A. McCormick for Country Board.
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Addams praises President Wilson on accomplishing many of the goals of the Progressive Party during his first term.

McNitt asks Davis to try to persuade Addams to write a series of articles on the Progressive Party's platforms.
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Addams' lecture at the Second Annual Lincoln Day Dinner for the Progressive Party discusses how the Party should move forward and maintain the ideals of Lincoln.

In a newspaper interview, Addams offers her reasons for supporting the Progressive Party and Theodore Roosevelt.

Newspaper report and cartoon of Addams seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt at the Progressive Party Convention.
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A speech given by Addams at the Second Annual Lincoln Day Dinner for the Progressive Party, about how the Party should move forward and maintain the ideals of Lincoln.

Addams passes on an analysis with this short note to Ickes.

White invites Addams to make speeches in Kansas and Missouri for woman suffrage and for the Progressive Party.

Addams declines Nortoni's invitation to speak during an upcoming trip.

Roosevelt invites Addams to the Abraham Lincoln Dinner in February 1913.

Roosevelt verifies that he and the Progressive Party supports woman suffrage and asks her to make that stance known.

Addams writes Roosevelt about the positive impact of the Progressive Party campaign on social reform issues.

Addams describes the Progressive Party's pledge to support new immigrants by creating protection for industrial laborers. This is a flyer version of an article put out by the Progressive Party.

Addams seconds the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt as the Progressive Party candidate for the presidency.
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Addams defends her involvement in partisan politics and argues that philanthropy and politics must often be partners in charting a better future for families and for communities. This is the first article of a monthly, year-long series on economic and social reform in America and a woman's roles in affecting change.
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Addams discusses her impressions of the campaign and election results in a speech to the City Club on November 13; the report of the event was published on November 27. Other speakers at the event were not included.
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