Edward Clark Marsh to Jane Addams, May 28, 1909


NEW YORK, May 28, 1909.

My dear Miss Addams:

I have your letter of the 25th, and am much pleased to know that your forthcoming book is progressing so well. If we could have the manuscript by the end of June, and the proofs can be passed promptly, I see no reason why we should not publish this as early in the autumn as may be desirable. As the book will not be published in the Citizen's Library, we shall not be bound to a prescribed cover, and I should be glad to have any suggestions you may be so kind as to make as to the style of cover you prefer.

The book entitled "Twenty Years at Hull-House" interests us very much, and we should be very glad to publish it, if we may have that [privilege]. If the terms I had the pleasure of proposing for your other book are satisfactory, may I not at once forward to you an agreement along similar lines for the Hull-House book?

I should be very glad if I might see you when you are in New York on the 26th or 27th of June, as there are some matters connected with the publication of these books which I should like to discuss with you. Will you be so good as to let me know, a little later, just when you will be here and at what time and place you can most conveniently see me?

I am,

Very sincerely yours,

Edward C. Marsh [signed]


Miss Jane Addams,
Hull-House, 335 So. Halsted St.,
Chicago, Illinois.

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