Alice Thacher Post to Amy Woods, September 11, 1924


Carbons for Miss Addams and Miss Balch.


Sept. 11, 1924.

Dear Miss Woods:

No apologies are necessary in connection with the misunderstanding as to my relation to the Report work. Such misunderstandings very easily take place. What I relinquished when the vacation period for Headquarters was over, was the further DISTRIBUTION of the Reports. As a matter of fact I had never regarded the distribution as distinctly a part of the work of editing the Report, and I understood from Miss Addams, through Miss Heymann, that this was to be done from Headquarters.

I regard it as important to myself edit any reprints from the Report, for they should be uniform, errors should be corrected, and the French Cahier should have a certain uniformity with the French edition of it just out.

In your letter of yesterday you suggest a statement from me in regard to the Report Fund. This Fund was raised by Miss Addams and Miss Balch and all statements about it should proceed ↑from↓ or be authorized by them. Upon receipt of your letter, since there was haste in the matter, I wired Miss Addams as follows:

"Miss Woods suggests that a report of the Congress Report Fund should go into the next National Bulletin. Would you like to have this done? I have thought that perhaps this was a private especial fund. If published shall I give donations only or donations and expenditures?"

I have received the following reply:

"Much prefer not to have financial reports in Bulletin. Am writing."

Since she seems to have put the word "reports" in the plural this may apply to the Congress financial report as well, though I did not write ↑wire↓ about that.

I am glad Miss Addams does not think it best to print any of the details of the Report Fund. As far as donors went, it seemed personal. As far as expenditures go I do not think it would be wise to let this get over to the other side, for their consideration and comment, when we have not as yet, as far as I know, said anything to them about what we can do towards bearing the expense of the French and German editions. I think these editions will have to be covered from this Fund, and so I am jealous of every penny spent from it beyond the bare cost of manufacture and postage.

You ask if the U.S. postage is to be paid from this Fund, as the foreign postage [page 2] was. The reason I proposed that the U.S. Section should be a sort of residuary legatee for the last of the Reports was that I thought this might more than cover the cost of postage and storage, etc. Still if Miss Addams desires it of course the Fund can pay for that postage, and she said something in one of her letters about "perhaps" it might. If the Fund covers any of this U.S. postage I think it ought to be for the Associate Members, and not for the donors to the Congress Fund. The latter I think should be paid for locally. But it is not a matter for me to decide.

Very sincerely yours,

Alice Thacher Post [signed]