Jane Addams to Wilbur Kelsey Thomas, March 19, 1924


My dear Mr. Thomas:

I am a little dismayed by the enclosed telegram. I am already doubtful whether I can get through with my very full program in New York and Philadelphia between March 21 and March 31. I had so many invitations to speak for German children that I finally ↑that I finally told the Ex Com. that I would↓ accept one which I hoped might be either in New York or Philadelphia. Somewhat to my consternation they put me in Buffalo on my way home, April 1st. It means of course taking two uncomfortable trains instead of one good one but I accepted that of course. Now comes the enclosed telegram I suppose in reply to the one to Mr. [Kingsley?] that I could not speak in Philadelphia. I arrive at Mrs. Lewis' house in Lansdowne Tuesday afternoon the 25th and must be back in New York in time for a Survey dinner Thursday evening the 27th. If something could be arranged with her, so I would not have to speak long and hard, but could act somewhat as a drawing card ↑(as the committee called it)↓, I should be very glad to help in a meeting. I am afraid this sounds like an ungracious reply to such an ardent telegram but this mild proposal seems the best I can make.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Yarros have decided to ↑go↓ back to Russia sailing from New York the ninth of April. Their passports have not yet been viséd, but they hope for help from ↑in↓ Berlin. I do not encourage them in the hope which they frequently express that Gregory Yarros should be given some work under the Friends' Service Committee, not as a blind but really to work for a year or more under whatever financial arrangement the Committee is accustomed to make. I rather reluctantly promised that I would write to you about it. ↑Hoping to see you in Phila I am always faithfully yours,↓

Jane Addams [signed]

↑March 19" 1924↓