Jane Addams to Rose Marie Gyles, July 21, 1907

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My dear sister Gyles

I can't tell you how happy I was to receive your good letter. I couldn't bear to have any shadow between us after all these years of steady work side by side. You know of course how much I have always admired your work & not only for its standard but for the steadiness with which it went on year after year and the genuine relations which you established with the gymnasium people. Not to have you [come?] [page 2] back makes me feel as if a very important part of H. H. has gone and more than that gives me a sense of concern in regard to an important dept for which I felt no worry or concern for years -- only pride and pleasure.

Of course I don't expect you to decide on your plans now. Certainly your mothers operation and other things must come before you can give a thought to next fall, but if you don't come back the next year, you must certainly let us send you a check for half pay [page 3] forty dollars a month from October to June. Perhaps you will come in once or twice during the winter to see how we are faring.

You certainly had a series of adventures en route, it takes a small boy to dig up unexpected troubles. It has been very warm, and dirty, and sticky for a week but we are hoping for better things. With cordial greetings to your father and mother. Always affectionately yours

Jane Addams

July 21" 1907

P.S. Please excuse pencil.

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