Ishbel Majoribanks Hamilton-Gordon to Jane Addams, August 3, 1920



President's Office:

August 3rd., 1920.

Dear Miss Addams,

I do not know whether the Netherlands National Council of Women asked your consent before sending in your name as Convener of the Peace and Arbitration Committee of the International Council.

I have ventured to assume that we have your consent, but as we must have this consent in writing before the election actually takes place, I now write to ask you to endorse my action in receiving your name on the list of nominations. I sincerely hope that you will accept nomination as on account of the little communication that has been possible between the National [page 2] Councils during the War, very few nominations have been sent in for the Convenerships of the various Committees, I am sure you will agree with me that it is much better to have a choice of candidates.

The other nominees for the Peace and Arbitration Convenership is Mrs George Cadbury (Great Britain) and Fru Clara Tybjerg (Denmark) who is doubtful as to whether she will stand.

There is a proposal that the Peace and Arbitration Committee shall in future be called the League of Nations Committee, but of course I do not know whether this will carry.

I wish we could hit upon some plan whereby the big and really representative women's International [Organizations] could form an Alliance whereby so many separate and meetings and much confusion might be avoided. Of course I [realize] that this cannot be attempted at once, but if leaders of big movements like yourself would become Conveners of the different International Committees, surely a scheme could be worked out.

I am so glad to hear from various friends, including Dr. Alice Salomon, that you are so much better, and that you are devoting yourself to the cause of softening the tragedy of the children of Europe.

I enclose uncorrected proofs of the resolutions which are to be brought forward, and an outline [program] of the meeting at Christiania.

When I heard of you at Prague I telegraphed to ascertain your movements as we hoped that we might have persuaded you to come and speak at one of our Public Meetings.

↑Yours very sincerely↓

Ishbel Aberdeen & Temair [signed]