Louise Catherine Kolb Bonvallet to Secretary to Jane Addams, July 1917

Chicago July [1917]
Hull House

I read in a paper a while ago that that persons are sent to the Hull House than that are affected <on> by the nerves on account of the war and the high cost of living -- Here is my case -- my sister's 2 boys went to war (France) and were both killed -- they were my sister's pets and the shock & weakness killed <my sister> her in two weeks after. 2 boys of [another] sister went to war one had their eye shot off -- the other boy is prisoner of the [Germans] since the starting of the war and still 2 other boys of one other sister are on the front at present -- my cousins, my play mates and all the men are gone from my native home leaving all the dear mothers & wife -- [grill] long [crepes] on the street all the time and all the days; my own mother [page 2] is there in France fearing the [cannon] they say day and night she is 85 years old I am so weary of it all and we have 4 children here and the high cost of living [here?] as honest people [now] never eat except what we can pay for. One of our children is [she?] [gone] after the Dr's advice to build her up, she is only 6 years old she has been away from home 3 months.

I wish you could help me with my (weary of it all). We are a good family our [2] biggest children of 9 & 10 have attended Sunday school over 4 years without missing and have both passed their growth twice a year at Francis [Willard] school -- I take care of my children so faithfully we never had any trouble with neighbors living here 6 years -- Do you give Dr's advice for nervousness of treatment for [nervousness] [page 3] and do they you make special price for me -- I am weary of it all -- I might add that I have been living in Chicago over 20 years, married an American. I am suffragist & perfectly [sane]. Please do not throw away in the waste basket -- Of course I do not want my name printed or published any where

gratefully yours

Mrs L Bonvallet
4840 Langley Ave
2d flat

We have never asked charity anywhere nor [to?] any [help?].

Mrs L Bonvallet