Annie B. Ford to Jane Addams, June 10, 1917

New Harmony, Indiana
June 10th 1917

My dear Miss Addams:

In the interest of "a new birth of internationalism founded not so much upon arbitration treaties, to be used in time of disturbance, as upon governmental devices designed to protect and enhance the fruitful processes of cooperation in the great experiment of living together in a world become conscious of itself", I am pinning my faith to this statement which has been uppermost with [page 2] me for two months (& which with a few additional lines I offered an Indianapolis paper)

Women, Greed, and Graft.

The woman, who under the present wage system, marries "to enjoy a home of her own" exhibits greed and graft in the worst form. "The divine right of kings to rule" now ending pales before it. [page 3]

The men (several speakers with us recently) have berated manmade governments. If the women could grasp the fact that the race has inherited the earth, for freedom in action and thought, we shouldn't have leisure for politics & militarism, etc. -- ("The earth moves and the mind opens").

During 60 days Indiana voters (men & women) are <now> to be encouraged (!) to register in the interest of a special election <Sep 10th> for a new constitution. If you can do no more at least think of us -- but if <for the work> you have any suggestion for the small community -- please offer it.

Sincerely Yours

Annie B. Ford.

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