Jane Addams to Richard Theodore Ely, August 6, 1905

Dublin New Hampshire
Aug. 6" 1905

My dear Mr Ely

Before Mrs Lloyd died I had promised her to edit a lot of manuscript of Mr Lloyd's which I have been doing for the last three weeks here with the help of Miss Withington. I have been sitting three hours a day for a portrait [to] Geo. de Forest Brush and it has been possible to combine the two. We hope to get Mr Lloyd's book off to New York to Mr Page by Wednesday, but I am afraid that it will be too late for me to do much with my own book by Sept. 1st. I leave here Aug. [page 2] 14th and will not have a free moment until Sept. If the publisher could give me until Oct. 1st I think I could manage it, for I have my hand in now and I imagine that my own stuff would seem easy after the mass of notes we have been struggling with. 

I am sure that Mr Lloyd's book will be useful, it is very fresh and original.

Always faithfully yours

Jane Addams.